Wedding Planning Checklist For 2019 | Wedding Checklist? Part-02

Wedding Planning Checklist for 2019 Part-02: When you can hear the wedding bells ringing in your ears, that’s when the real task starts, right from the plethora of things you have to handle and you are already short on time. With the wedding date in your mind, you obviously will like to keep things right and make the best of things in the small amount of time.

Wedding Planning Checklist

When you have only two months left for your wedding, certain things need your attention after keeping all the essential points. We at Dreamz present you with the exceptional essential points that will help you to conquer your wedding preparations like a pro.

Wedding Planning Checklist for 2019

Your wedding is like the most important event for you. You have always imagined about how this day is going to be, and that is everything about this day has to be special in every way. When you are trying to go through your wedding preparations real soon, you need to consider a few points that are going to serve as the checklist guide for the future brides and grooms.

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Things That You Should Place Attention To When Two Months Before Your Wedding

The D-day is like the biggest gala event in your entire life. When you only have two months left in your wedding, then you need this wedding preparation checklist will let you fix every stress in your mind.

Wedding Plannig Fee

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#01 Book Your Honeymoon Destination

There cannot be a better time to book a destination for your honeymoon. Once you have a list of all the locations you will want to travel to for your honeymoon, sort then out to see how do you want to travel and what all locations do you want to hit. This will make it easy for you to get the right deal that proves to be value for money for you. Let me tell you, once you book your honeymoon destination, it is going to be a huge relief for your wedding planning checklist.

Honeymoon Destination

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#02 Sending All Your Invitations

For all those guests that will be arriving from the outside of the city to your wedding, you need to send them the invites in advance so that it can reach them in time and they can plan the holidays and leaves accordingly. Once you have done with sending the invites, you can tick it off the guest list as well.

Invitation Card

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#03 Scheduling Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

With the running trend of today, a pre-wedding shoot is like an important part of your wedding preparations. Not only is this an important part of the marriage checklist, but this is going to be a precious memory for you when you will like to graze at these photos.

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#04 Book The Officiant For Your Wedding

Since a lot of people wait for the wedding season to begin and tie a knot with their loved ones, the officiant may get caught up during on that day before you can book him. So, make sure you don’t wait for the last moment to book your officiant.

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#05 Plan Your Bachelor Or Bachelorette Party

This is going to be the most happening of all the parties you are ever going to attend post your marriage. So, make all the exciting and the most amazing plan for your party and celebrate the time of singlehood with all your amazing friends. Follow the multiple ideas to make the most out of the sisterhood.

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Things You Should Pay Attention To One Month Before Your Wedding

Well, believe it or not, when there is only one month left in your wedding, there is all sort of happy and worrying thoughts occupying the space of your mind. You will be stressing over all the small things right from the decorations to your dress, to your skin and what not! This wedding preparation checklist will help you in governing all the last-minute preparation with your wedding.

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#01 A special Stay For The Husband And The Wife

When it comes for your first night, you will want it to be extra special and worthy too. There are so many luxurious locations that will love to decorate your first night with love. You can even request for hotels for cakes and flowers with some candlelight dinners as well.

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#02 Go For Your Honeymoon Shopping

For girls and guys, a honeymoon is all about letting you know each other a little bit and spend quality time with each other. However, there are a lot of essentials that you need to carry for your first night. Make sure you get everything for your honeymoon.

Honeymoon Shopping

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#03 Follow Up With Your Wedding Vendors

Now is the time when you should get the wedding vendor to start preparing for your wedding. Give a follow-up call to everyone right from the photographer to the caterer and all the other vendors.

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#04 Get Your Family To Dance

Now you should start preparing for a special song dance for your mate. For this you need to hire the choreographer, so that not only you, but your entire family gets to dance on the floor.

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#05 Give Your Attire A Try

You might have bought your wedding attire before, but it is always profitable to check it before you go for the final show. This will help you in getting through any types of alterations if any needed.

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Overstressing about your wedding preparations isn’t any sort of solution, you need to go for a good wedding planning checklist that can provide you with final solutions for all your worries and your second thoughts. With this, you can keep everything under control and let your skin enjoy some rejuvenation and relaxation session during the wedding.

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Your D-day is probably the most important day of your lives, so don’t let anything take away your thunder. Keep it under check with your wedding preparation checklist and have an amazing wedding extravaganza lit up the sky.

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