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Invitation Cards & Gifts

Your invitation cards are not only the first formal announcement of ‘she’ and ‘he’ becoming
‘we’ but it’s the first impression you cast on your guests. Invitation cards should be able to
reflect upon the charm and the excitement you have as a couple and should make your
guests feel warm and welcomed in your extravagant affair. Invitation cards are the first
tentpoles in constructing the aesthetic charm and essence of your wedding. It’s the first
thing you choose as a couple and that decides the entailment of style you hold with
yourself. Now when your wedding cards means so much for you, you cannot just go with
any invitation until that turns out to be classy and loved by the crowd as well!

Modern Indian Wedding Invitations Card Ideas:-

Invitation Cards

When it comes to making final selections at the wedding, it is really pressurizing and
stressful, and it is very normal to have second thoughts about what you think. When it
comes to wedding invitations, we at Dreamz Wedding Planner know exactly how to
illustrate the holy and vibrant touch and vibes of your wedding into the invitation cards.

Invitation Cards

We have a stunning collection of wedding invitations on board with us right from the
modern looks till the quirky and sassy invitations. We have it all covered for you right from
the funny illustrations till the hand-down monograms, to luring textures and amazing
finishing touches. We have a plethora of options when it comes to wedding invitations all
customized depending on the theme and the type of wedding.

modern indian wedding invitations

Our wedding cards will set the marriage tones for the guests so that they can expect what
they are about to receive at the wedding and nail down everything so that it delivers all the
important information, from the dress code of the party to the different themes of
different events and to the place the wedding is about to happen at. With our wedding

invitations your guests are going to love the getaway and probably keep the cards for
reference as well.

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unique indian wedding invitations

We have everything for our beloved customers right from wedding invitations, stationaries
to wedding accessories and return gifts, you name it and we’ll have it done for you. We at
Dreamz strives to make your wedding day incredibly special and we will try everything to
make it possible for you. We encompass both modern and vintage ideas for invitation cards
that will go in sync with the vibes of your marriage and complement your incredibly special
day as well.

wedding invitation card

We at Dreamz have uniquely designed wedding cards for all our beloved brides and grooms
and this is what makes us the best at what we do, we care about the sentiments and

wedding invitation card

emotions you have attached to this wedding and will make you amaze your guests with
the perfect designs packed with the wedding personal touch that too within your budget.
So let your wedding day shine with the amazing décor and paper crafts all personalized with
the theme of your wedding by Dreamz.

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