Let’s talk about things a bride must know before their wedding first night

So, you are about to tie a knot soon and you’re already freaking out with all the bashful rituals and customs that you have to go through. Seems like a big thing to survive through. And this is not it, you are more scared to face the person you are about to spend your entire life with. Not only are you scared that you will be spending your wedding first night with each other. Goosebumps!

wedding first night

Your first night is a special celebration of your marriage with your better half the rest of your life. And this doesn’t only go with arranged marriages. Even with love marriages, your first night is your time you will celebrate your marriage even if you know the person from a long time and have been engaged with it. 

wedding first night
Wedding first-night romance

Here are a few things the bride must know before the wedding first-night tips. Keep this thing in your mind and go with these tips and thank me later!

wedding first night
wedding first-night romance

Know your traditions:-

Different traditions say different things about the first wedding night. Say, for example, its an old practice of the Bengalis, in which the newlyweds are not allowed to consummate their marriage on their first night. They have to sleep in different rooms and the next morning you have to go to your mother’s place. So first ask what your traditions ask you to do and then go for it. If it doesn’t, then celebrate! You’ve saved yourself!

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wedding first night
Tips for first wedding night

It is going to be awkward:-

Even if you try to dust it off, agree to the fact that it is going to be very awkward for you. You might as well feel uncomfortable when he is undressing or kissing your lips. So, don’t worry, take it easy and relax!

Go with some great lingerie:-

Now you don’t want to look like a total geek with your unsatisfying lingerie. You will not like to buy lingerie that you don’t enjoy being dressed in. so pick your comfortable nightwear for your special night. 

It is not only about sex:-

Many people think that the first night is only about sex. There are many things that you can do with your partner on the first night. Have a funny conversation, talk it through and go for your first kiss and hugs. Take it slow if you want too!

first wedding night tips for bride
Wedding First-Night Romance

Foreplay is the key:-

You don’t have to jump straight to having sex. You can go to foreplay. Tease each other a little bit and make sex fun and pleasurable. Don’t force yourself to have sex, do it when you’re comfortable. 

Go for some lubrication:-

It is always a good idea to go for some lubrication lotion for the first few times you’re having sex. Make it less painful and enjoyable for yourself. Have fun!

You are going to learn new things every day:-

If you’ve read a lot of books and watched a lot of movies, you are going to experience it yourself. So, keep going for new positions, and improve yourself every day. Explore each other’s body every day. 

Contraception is important:-

If you’re thinking about having unprotected sex on your first night, it is a very bad idea! Don’t do it! Read all about contraception and how to use birth control. 

Communication is the key:-

All you want to do is talking to each other. Sex is a two-way thing, it is not only about having it with each other. Make it as wonderful as you want to make it. Understand comfortable sex is no notion, its reality.  

wedding first night
First Wedding Night Tips For Bride

Your first night is going to decide the type of relationship you are going to have with your partner. So, make the best use of it and go for your first night with confidence and charm. Hope this guide on what a bride must know before the first night.

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