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Are you looking for the best wedding decorators in Delhi-NCR for your wedding? As we are the budget wedding decorator in Delhi. Read this blog to know more about wedding decorators in Delhi.

Getting married is not an easy thing as it takes a lot of effort to make it as fancy as you want. If you want a dreamy wedding then a beautiful wedding decoration is the seminal part of it. Truly said that wedding decor gives out a sneak into the personality of the family and couple. A marriage is highly praised for its best wedding decoration.

Wedding Decorators in Delhi
Best Budget Wedding Decorator in Delhi

Either its a beach, hill or a high tech city wedding then to make your wedding heavenly, the best wedding decorator of Delhi-NCR, Dreamz Wedding Planner is here. From Sainik Farm to simply a garden wedding, we offer our best services. No issues of a high budget, as we are the budget wedding decorator in Delhi.

Lightening Decor Services We Provide:-
Wedding Decor
Mehendi Decor
Haldi Decor
Sangeet Decor
Reception Decor
Thematic Decor
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Unforgettable Passage Decor

The very first impression of the wedding comes from the passage of the venue. So, either you are following any specific theme or not, we offer hundreds of options for passage decor. Either it’s shimmery or starry passage directly from heaven or colourful bohemian pom pom passage, we put our best to make your wedding unattainable by anyone.

Passage Wedding Decor

The Aisle

In a wedding, a bride’s entry is expected in a very dramatic way as it’s the most beautiful ceremony in a wedding. And we know that the walking down the aisle is how much important for a bride as it’s going to be her entry in her own wedding which she was planning since her childhood. So, we offer you various options to match your aisle with the setting or you can make it different too. Floral decor, candle decor, plant decor, red carpet decor with amazing props, etc. are some of the best options of the time.

Staging Area

A centre of attraction in wedding decor is none other than the stage for the beautiful couple. After all, this wedding is all about them. To make it unforgettable, we provide a large number of stage decor themes or patterns, or you can let us know what kind of stage exactly you want for the wedding or reception. Either it’s couple’s outfit coordinating or outfit contrasting decor, simple floral elegant wedding stage or royal look like a stage, we do it in your way.

Wedding Decorator in Delhi

Centre Pieces/ Sitting Area Decor

A major part of the wedding area is covered by the sitting area. So you can’t ignore this part in your wedding if you want a perfect wedding decor. Right! Dreamz Wedding Planner offers many fairy sitting area decor themes and patterns. Either it’s centerpieces or decor theme, we make it best for you. The centerpieces are as much important as sitting area decor because the decor of sitting area centerpieces plays an important role. Roses, Lilly, plants, antiques, etc, whatever you choose, we’ll get it for you.

Best Wedding Decorator in Delhi-NCR

The Centre of the Wedding- Mandap Decor

New to the syllabus, but yes very integral part of a wedding, mandap decor is high in demand these days. A place where the couple will exchange the holy vows then it deserves to be outstanding. These days either it’s a day wedding or night wedding mandaps are decorated accordingly in a very lush manner. Dome-shaped stage with heavy floral decor, bright colour drapes or canopy, tent style mandap, etc.

Mandap Wedding Decor

Thematic Wedding Decor

As these days unique wedding decor are high in demand, we provide uncountable thematic decor for your wedding. The pros of the thematic wedding decor is that with our help you can create your own fancy theme and we’ll make it happen which would be new to every guest of yours. Not just for your D-day but other pre-wedding festivities too are being planned in beautiful themes like gharchola mehendi decor, victorian mehendi decor, rainy mehndi decor, etc. With our help, you can create your theme with ease and we’ll create it with beautiful perfection. Leave your ideas with us and see the magic by entering in the wedding only. Here giving you an idea of some beautiful thematic decor of 2019.

Thematic Wedding Decor

Natural Spree Wedding Decor Theme

For a day wedding, this natural beauty theme is unbeatable. In 2019, we have noticed so many wedding pictures with the unique decor of attractive and colourful plants, pastel flowers, and vines. We are sure you have already painted this beautiful scenario of a heaven wedding.

Best Budget Wedding Decorator

Bohemian Wedding Decor Theme

This theme is for the couple who wants to add an extra charm to their wedding by going far from conventional wedding decor ideas. By adding bright and colourful umbrellas, lanterns, wind chimes, etc. we can add more colour and fun to your wedding.

Best Wedding Decorator in Delhi
Best Bohemia Wedding Decorator in Delhi-NCR

Royal Wedding Decor Theme

In the night wedding, bright and dark-hued decor with the compliment of heavy and colourful lights is suitable for the couple who wants a royal wedding. The traditional flower decor, gota decor with lost of candles together set a setting of royal wedding. This theme is very much in trend in 2019 even our beautiful diva Priyanka Chopra went of this traditional royal theme.

Royal Wedding Decor

Star Studded Wedding Decor Theme

Couples who are more into films and want a filmy setting for their wedding mainly for their sangeet night then nothing can beat this dramatic theme. In this, you have the option to create the couple’s and family’s filmy posters. The whole decor will be extra dramatic either it’s about lights, dancing stage, sitting area, etc. You will have the
vibe that the couple is the star of the night.

Star studded Wedding Decorator
Top Wedding Decorator in Delhi-NCR

Colourful Social Media Theme Mehendi or Wedding Decor

It depends on which festivity you want this theme. Usually, this theme is applied in Mehendi festivity. The whole area is filled with social media tags, posters or selfie booths and colourful tags with beautiful famous emojis will make your pictures and wedding more perfect.

Mehendi Decorator

Pom Pom Colourful Pre-Wedding Decor Theme

Brides! If you want a colourful decor theme in your mehendi or haldi then go for this. A colourful pom pom hangings, buntings in bright colours for the passage and sitting area can make everyone awestruck.

Pre - Wedding Decor Theme


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