Charming Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas That you Need to Add Right Now

Wedding is all about to make the life long memories for not only the bride and groom but for all the members of the family with the guests visiting the ceremony. There are many ways to make it remembered for life long and out of all decoration plays a vital role in getting the attraction of the guests. Here are some of the Indian wedding decoration ideas which you would implement.

Best indian wedding decoration ideasWho hasn’t attended an Indian wedding with an entrance decorated with the drapes and curtains and some flowers added to it? It is so boring and old-fashioned and I am so not going to fix it up for another wedding.

When it is your wedding and a celebration as grand as you are planning it to deserve to look perfect in every way. So the Indian wedding decoration ideas related to the entrance should embellish and make the guests feel that there is more coming their way.

Well, one thing which is true is that wedding decor is kind of frustrating because you have to fix almost everything. From selecting the team, still keeping the theme colors in mind, adding a rich outlook to your wedding is a really tiring process.

Generally, people tend to forget the Indian wedding entrance decoration amidst all the chaos and confusion. But don’t you think it is very important for you to get into it because it is literally the first thing people look when they enter the wedding. And yes! Who can forget the Shaadi ki selfies?

Here is a roomful of Indian wedding decoration ideas for entrance for you that will not only save your time but also just precede you further for some instructions.

The Garden or the Forest Theme Entrance:

This look resembles a fairytale theme of the wedding and makes your event look more dreamy and classy than before. You the pink and yellow flower stems to give it a more rustic look.

I am sure all the young ladies will want to step out for a perfect forest arch selfie.

Best indian wedding decoration ideas

The Pastel Door Decoration with a Chandelier:

Let’s open the door to an amazing flower decoration chandelier and so good ladies carrying you towards your best man. Doesn’t it sound weddingy!

Indian wedding decoration ideas

The Paper Hanging Entrance Wedding Decoration Ideas:

Well, this decor is so easy and less time-consuming. This great decoration idea will make you give it a rustic lantern type of effect and give a truly charming and alluring vibe as well.

You can even go for a floral type of entrance that will make people fall in love with it.


The Ferns and Petals type of arrangement:

Unlike the regular flowers go for some ferns and petals and some lights and curtains as the backdrop. I am sure people are going to look at this look.

The Rustic Pathway theme:

Why give all the loving and flowery set to a wedding, when you can even go for some rustic look. This is surely going to create a magical spell on the people with its little lights, fairy dust and the roots set for an amazing vintage feel.

Best indian wedding decoration ideas

The Bollywood Entrance type:

Well, you can obviously get a lot of inspiration from Bollywood when it comes to weddings. Start with the red curtains, the candle mirror, and a peacock motif and get everything like reel life.

Wedding Decoration Ideas

Well, we have more ideas for you for your amazing Indian wedding entrance decoration. Just wait for the second part and there you go for some wedding shenanigans.

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