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The top 7 decoration ideas for your hall that will make it look like a fairy-tale

Decoration ideas So, the wedding bells are ringing, and you have always dreamt of a fairytale wedding wherein you will walk down the aisle, hand in hand with your better half. One of the most neglected places of any wedding venue is its hall for your decor idea. People tend to forget that the right type of décor requires some great showcasing of skills, mind-blowing lightning and surreal showpieces that will make you lure with the wedding decoration.

Your wedding is one of the biggest gala events and so you need to create the perfect aura that makes your guests relax and interact in a joyful manner. If you think of creating budding heaven for everyone out so that they can enjoy the evening in an enchanting manner, then there ought to be some great decoration ideas for your hall.

These elegant decoration ideas for your hall will make your resources, even more, spell bounded

Decorations in a wedding are not only about how well you fill up the empty spaces, but it is also about some experimentations that you create for your wedding, that will leave everyone feels awe-aspired with the decorations and customizations.

The flowery decorations with lavender: so, there were times, when people liked the marigold décor and roses were chosen for their great smell along with flairs of orchids for its great pastel design. Now weddings are doing rounds with the help of lavender designs in house. The pleasant smell of these amazing designs not only cast as a symbol of love, but it also evokes good luck for both the bride and the groom.

decor ideas

decor ideas

The widespread use of umbrellas for the wedding venue décor: so, these trendy ideas is casting its presence in almost all the wedding setting. But what makes them so indifferent is the color and the fact that they make the setting look even more colorful. If you looking for good wedding decoration ideas for the hall, then this ultra-cool theme is what you need.

It’s all about the colorful drapes of a wedding: drapes are something that doesn’t go out of fashion especially in weddings. All you have to do is match some rainbow-colored drapes together and there you have a great metallic decoration for your wedding hall.

decor ideas

decor ideas

The embellishment of red, white and golden: red is one color that holds its pristine importance in weddings. That is something that cannot go out of order. The intricate beauty of red and its added charm makes every setting look more appealing and alluring. Red is the color of love and that in Indian culture means a big deal.

The flowery taste of halls in the wedding: the essence that flowers have in a wedding makes them a center of attraction. The multicolored nature and the utmost elegance that they hold makes them a necessary indulgence.

The Bollywood styled wedding hall: so you have always found, the one with all the colorful tables in the house, along with the Saturn colored cushions cool? So why not add them to your wedding hall space. Even your guests will find that relaxing enough.

The modern chandelier-based hall designs: adding some glowing lights in your modern and the ‘Devdas’ styled chandelier’s is always a great trick. So, cover the hall with some chandeliers that not only add a unique beauty of to your wedding décor but make it look grander and attention seeking.


So, there is the Dreamz picked and approved, wedding decoration ideas for your hall. Hope this helps!


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