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The five gorgeous outfits for the mother of the bride that will make all eyes land on her

Your daughter is about to get married and you all emotionally wreck about the same. Now one thing everyone in the Indian culture should know is that when it is your daughter’s wedding, you have like loads full of work, right from the wedding venue to the gifts of the guests to managing your daughter and her tantrums and what not! I seriously feel the pain for the mothers of the bride, like they have no time to take care of their own. One thing that you cannot forget is that since you are the mother of the bride, you need to look gorgeous and dashing as well.

Being the mother of the bride is a really tough task and they are really important too. Firstly, they are the real hosts. Dads are fun but they are sure not going to remember the entire range of people that need to present at the wedding. That pressure is towards your mom! Secondly, they are the ones that are going to attend all the guests asking around, if they are having fun at the party, to the bill that is paid.

So, the most important thing over there is what is going to make your mother look amazing and eternal in the wedding. Since she is the face of the family, this is a very important question for all the mothers of the bride. The mothers should hold onto the charm and dignity of her position. Not only should they be in style, but their fashion should not make anyone feel uncomfortable in the room.

But don’t worry, we have it there for you, here are the five best outfits for the mother of the bride, something that she will love to dress up in.


The grace and grandeur of lehenga:-

If you think that lehengas are something that is going to be worn by kids, you are probably wrong. You did not have to go for the traditional lehenga platform but go for a long kurta and pair it up with a skirt and dupatta. This brand-new form of dress-up will make every eye in the corner of room glance you.

The magnificence of a sharara:-

Instead of skirts you can go for pants and pair it up with a kurta top along with a dupatta. This is a good trend for the mums since you don’t have to worry about standing atop with a saree and you can patch it up with some new clothing on this special day.

The traditional saree with a twist:-

Nowadays you don’t have to go for the traditional saree turns with a blouse and you juggling with it. Go for the modern sarees with a twist and make people appreciate your dressing sense.



The beauty of gowns and its nobility:-

You can go for some gowns for the cocktail party where a lot of people don’t like to go for traditional attire. You don’t need to adorn a saree for every occasion. Go with some flattering gowns and let people enjoy your western style.

The refinement of Anarkali’s: –

These can work for any body types. You can go for the straight cut kurta and more lined silhouettes. It will make you feel comfortable and amazing and you can easily manage the attire as well. Cheers!

These outfits for the mother of the bride will totally suit your dressing taste and make you feel amazing at the same time.

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