The Best Tips for Brides to Find Their Perfect Lehenga

Whenever we talk about weddings, the first thing that comes to attention is the wedding lehenga. For women who have got married, know how a difficult task it is to find their perfect lehenga for the gala events. For the groom, their bridal attire doesn’t matter, they can go with literally anything, but for brides, it is a hell of a task to find their perfect bridal lehenga. Also, there isn’t any bride I know if you did not turn blue with the tiring search of her bridal lehenga (you will go through it as well).

But ladies, it’s your wedding, you cannot afford to miss the beauty sleep and end out showing stress on your face. Just like every bride, you also desire to have your beautiful lehenga to be an eye-catcher and trend-setter, something that people go with saying aw as soon as the bride walks inside the room!

Here are some tips on finding the right lehenga for your wedding and don’t worry we have your back!

1. Identify your body types: –

most brides go on the stage with mis-fitted lehenga owing to it not being fit for your body type. It is therefore advised to go for a lehenga that fits you perfectly and lets out all your body features. Before you even start finding a lehenga, go for finding if you are an apple-shaped or pear-shaped body. Only when you have done that are you able to let your body fit into the bridal lehenga.

bridal lehenga

2. Always look for the fabric: –

weddings in India are not just about one or two hours, it is a struggle for more than 8-9 hours. Now when you will be wearing a heavy and intricately decorated bridal lehenga for the rest of the night, you might want to consider it having a good fabric.

3. The bridal lehenga choices for apple-shaped body type wedding dress: –

women who tend to carry more weight on their upper body than on the lower part have an apple-shaped body. These brides should go for a circular lehenga that has a decoration with broad flare. It will give their body a more symmetrical look. The fabric of the lehenga should also be soft.

4. Bridal lehenga for pear shaped body type:-

for women who tend to have more weight on the lower body than on the upper part tend to have a pear-shaped body. These body shapes look great in lehengas as the flare hides all the business in your thighs and hips. Go with many flares in the skirt of the lehenga since that will look great on them. You can collaborate it with deep neck blouses or small blouse to flaunt your collarbone and midriff.

lehenga wearing tips

5. Red is off-dated, go for white: –

many brides are going for white bridal lehengas inside of red since it looks more surreal and bewitching. Right from Bollywood till the other bridal showers, many brides have replaced it with other colors like white, ivory shades and golden hues.

lehenga wearing tips

6. A vibrant neon shade for other functions: –

with more of floral decorations and more natural essence, bridal functions are packed with some neon shades that are ready to make you shine. Patch it with a vibrant golden shaded blouse and there you have a perfect sassy look for your wedding.lehenga wearing tips

If you want to make your bridal lehenga, the talk of the town, then all you need is no pressure and this list on how to select your bridal lehenga for 2019.

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