Rajput Wedding Rituals – The Intricate Details of the Royal Hindu Rajput Wedding

Indian Rajput Wedding Rituals:- You can feel the vibe of a Hindu Rajput wedding by seeing the lights, colors and the vibrancy. Rajput wedding is generally cited in being a glamorous and royal affair owing to the rich culture and the history the culture has in India. Back in the pre-independent India, Rajputs were royal blood being referred to as the kings, ministers and royal kingdoms. A Rajput wedding is about elephants, horses, swords, gigantic drums, metal shehnais, etc. The wedding arrangements cover the vibes of rich ethnicity and the flavors of the royal state of the country, Rajasthan. The Rajputana culture holds its traditions intact, and when it comes to weddings, the elegance just oozes out. 

Rajput Wedding Rituals

Rajput Wedding Rituals

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Pre-Wedding Rituals:- Indian Rajput Wedding Rituals 

Take a tour in the Rajput wedding rituals and see the color of it yourselves.

  1. Sarva Sanpurna with Chhattees Gunah:- Rajput wedding rituals start with the horoscope of the bride and groom are tallied for simple matchmaking. Both the families then look for the royal lineage in both the families of the bride and the groom.Wedding Guest List
  2. Tilak Ceremony:- Also celebrated as the engagement ceremony as per Rajput wedding rituals, the bride’s family visits the groom’s house. The bride’s father or the brother applies tilak on the groom’s forehead. Both the families exchange gifts, and the marriage is made official.

    Rajput Wedding Rituals -Tilak

    Hindu Rajput Wedding Ritual

  3. Ganpati Sthhapana:- A few days before the wedding, Lord Ganesha is installed in the house, and a havan is performed to bless both the bride and the groom. Ganpati Sthhapana- Rajput Wedding Rituals
  4. Pithhi Dastoor:- A fun Rajput marriage ceremony, it is all about Haldi and Sangeet going altogether according to Rajput wedding rituals, making it an extravagant and pleasing celebration. The bride and groom are applied with turmeric and sandalwood paste, and there is a vibration of dholak and nagara beating throughout the evening and the crowd dancing to the tunes of it.

    Rajput Wedding Rituals Haldi Ceremony

    Indian Rajput Wedding Rituals

  5. Mahira Dastoor:- In this Rajput marriage ritual, the maternal uncle of the bride makes a grand entrance with gifts, clothes, sweets, and jewelry all for the bride. Dreamz Wedding Planner
  6. Bindori/Bindora:- A bachelor celebration for both the bride and the groom, both of them are separately invited to parties where they eat their favorite meal and have fun the entire night.
  7. Janev:- The groom wears a saffron robe and sits for a havan. Once the puja is completed, the groom pretends to walk out but the maternal uncle of the bride stops him and convinces him to get married.

    Rajput Groom

    Indian Rajput Wedding Rituals

  8. Palla Dastoor:- The groom’s family gifts the bride with gifts, clothes, jewelry, and sweets along with other items. It takes place one or two days before a wedding.

    Rajput Wedding Gifts To Bride From Groom

    Indian Rajput Wedding Rituals

  9. Nikasi, Baraat, and Dhukav:- The groom is made ready for his wedding where the sister-in-law applies kajal to the groom and then ties a golden thread. He then visits a temple before he heads the procession towards the bride’s place with grandeur and pompous gala. A groom always carries a sword representing the strong and valor Rajput tradition.
Rajput Wedding Baraat

Best of Hindu Rajput Wedding

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The Rajput Wedding Rituals

The bride and the groom sit down in front of the sacred fire when the priest chants Vedic mantras. The bride’s face is hidden behind a veil, and it is made sure that the groom’s family faces no problem at all. 

  1. Granthi Bandhan or Gathjoda:- The cloth around the groom and the Chunni of the bride are tied together by the sister of the bride to symbolize an eternal bond.

    Rajput Wedding Rituals

    Royal Rajput Wedding Rituals

  2. Paanigrahan:- The groom takes the hand of the bride and promises to be there for her for eternity. Rajput Wedding Rituals
  3. Sindoor:- The groom applies the holy sindoor on the bride’s forehead and welcomes the bride into his family. Rajput Wedding Rituals - Sindoor
  4. Pheras:- In this Rajput marriage ritual, the groom and the bride take seven rounds around the holy fire and take seven oaths to be together for each other.

    Rajput Wedding Phersa

    Royal Rajput Wedding Rituals

  5. Chhol Bharai:- The bride is given a bag full of money, meaning that the entire financial responsibility of the family is on her. Then she divides it equally between her sisters-in-law and husband. The couple touches the feet of all the elders in the family.

    Rajput Wedding Rituals

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