Big Fat Punjabi Wedding

The Big Fat Punjabi Wedding Rituals You Should Know About

Big fat punjabi wedding rituals are all about the dhol and dance, but there is more to it. Punjabi weddings are all about vibrant colors, love and delicious food circling the entire wedding venue. The favourite mention of Patiala Pegs cannot be missed when talking about the Punjabi wedding. If you want to understand everything about the Punjabi wedding rituals, then this article will make you guide the bride and the groom about what ‘s going on! 

Punjabi Wedding Rituals

Pre-Wedding:- Punjabi Wedding Rituals

The Punjabi wedding rituals dhamaka starts with the pre-wedding rituals and ceremonies starting a week before the wedding of the bride and the groom. 

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Punjabi Wedding Rituals

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The first Punjabi wedding ritual celebrates the love of the bride and the groom through the blissful Roka. The bride and the groom’s family meet each other and exchange traditional gifts, sweets, clothes, etc. The visiting of the groom’s family to the bride is called Thaka.

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Chunni ceremony

Before the engagement, in this Punjabi marriage ritual, the groom’s family gifts the bride with a red chunni as a gesture to accept the bride into their family. 

Punjabi Wedding Rituals

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In this Punjabi wedding ritual, the bride and the groom exchange rings with each other, and this is the first step in the celebration of love.

Punjabi Wedding Rituals

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Ladies Sangeet

Particularly this Punjabi wedding ritual is a fun function for the ladies of the family, the Ladies Sangeet is all about the bride and the groom’s family getting along, singing and dancing to the tunes of the Punjabi folk songs. 

Punjabi Wedding Rituals - Ladies Sageet


The most important of the Punjabi wedding rituals, the bride hands, and feet are applied with Mehendi. It is said that the darker the henna get the more the groom loves the bride. 

Mehendi Ceremony

Chura and Kalire Ceremony

In this Punjabi wedding ritual, the maternal uncle of the bride gifts a set of 21 or 51 red and white bangles called as the bridal Chura. The new bangles are a symbol of the newlywed bride. After this, the friends of the bride proceed for the Kalire ceremony in which the girl on which the kalire fell is next in line to be married. 

Punjabi Wedding Rituals

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The bride and the groom’s body are applied of haldi and besan to make them glow on the wedding day. 

Punjabi Wedding Rituals

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The sister-in-law of the bride visits the nearby temples and fills a vessel with water. This water will be used for the last bath of the bride and groom before the wedding. 

Punjabi Wedding Rituals

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Sehra Bandi

The groom is all dressed for the wedding, and the priest ties a Sehra to the turban of the groom. 

Sehera Bandi

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When the barat reaches to the bride’s place, the two families meet to greet each other with love and hugs. 

Punjabi Wedding Rituals


The  Punjabi Wedding Rituals


The first ritual of the Punjabi wedding, is the exchange of garlands called as the Varmala. This is usually when the bride and groom are both picked by brothers and friends. 


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The most sentimental of all the wedding rituals, this is when the father of the bride gives the hand of the girl into the groom’s hand to ensure the union of the bride and the groom. 

Punjabi Kanyadaan


The bride and the groom take seven rounds around the sacred fire after which the groom applies sindoor to the bride’s head. 

Punjabi Pheras

Big Fat Punjabi Wedding Rituals

Post – Wedding :- Big Fat Punjabi Wedding rituals 

Joota Chupaai

When the bride and the groom are taking the pheras, the friends and sisters of the bride steal the groom’s shoes in exchange for money and gifts.

Joota Chupai Rasam

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Vidaai and Dholi

The bride departs with her husband and bids goodbye to the maternal home and family. 


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Learned all about a good Punjabi wedding Rituals, so are you excited! 

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