Paper Lanterns Decor Ideas For Your Wedding Venues

Paper Lanterns Decor Ideas:- Wedding decor nowadays is more about the flawless nature of it and the inculcating of the easy and vibrant wedding decorations things. Many weddings are being organized outdoors nowadays owing to their breezy nature and the luring surroundings that make it more of a great venue.

Paper Lanterns Decor Ideas For Wedding

What adds onto the beauty of the wedding venues, is the whimsical nature of the paper lanterns that are the new additions in the market. Paper lanterns are being used in the wedding decor for their popping colors and other neutral nuptials.

Paper Lanterns For Wedding Decor

These are not only easy on your budget but they will add onto the charm of your wedding venue in the most amazing manner. Here are few inspired paper lanterns wedding decor ideas and for bright and romantic wedding which will totally serve the purpose on the big day decor. 

 Paper Lanterns Decor Ideas

Paper Lanterns Wedding Decor

The Lacey Backdrop Of The Lantern

If you are going to have any outdoor wedding covering the arcade of a bright sunny and breezy day then go for the paper lanterns with a long lace and burlap tassels. They will add onto the sophisticated look for your wedding and you can even light them up in the evening. Sounds interesting right!

Top Paper Lanterns Decor Ideas

Multicolored Lanterns For Your First Wedding Dance

How about dancing to the tunes of your favorite song with a perfect backdrop of vibrant and multicolored paper lanterns. This will make sure that everyone knows where the playful area of the party is. This music-festival themed paper lanterns wedding decor is perfect for the galore.

Multicolored Paper Lanterns

The Pretty Floral Paper Lanterns

 With the charm and the alluring nature of the paper lanterns overloaded, this DIY floral lanterns can turn your white paper lanterns wedding decor into something more pretty and awe-aspiring. This setting is a great work of art and you can keep all your guests gawking at it with its amazing nature and the ecstatic charm it creates. 

Colorful Paper Flower Lanterns

Painted Lanterns For Wedding

The Party Top Of Paper Lanterns 

What about embellishing your dinner area with some glowing paper lanterns on the top of the wedding venue. Sounds amazing! Turn your dinner area into this magical place with some glowing spheres all rocking and making the guests enjoy their food.

Paper Lanterns Decor Ideas

Pool Party With Some Paper Lanterns

So, did you plan some good wedding party or before wedding party for your guests by the pool! Well then go for these utterly creative and amazing paper lanterns that will totally decorate your wedding venue will some minimalistic and charming approach. You don’t need to add a lot of things for a pool party and with the paper lanterns, you can go for some exquisite wedding decor. 

Pool Party With Some Paper Lanterns


Pool Party With Some Paper Lanterns Ideas

The Hanging Installations Of Paper Lanterns

So why not add paper lanterns to your wedding decor with some floral parts making it an all amazing hanging installation. Go for this homemade arrangement and mix and match the shapes and colors and sizes of paper lanterns for the decoration of the sweetheart table. 

Best Paper Lanterns

Top Paper Lanterns

The Ribbon Paper Lanterns

This is one of the easy and ideal wedding decor for a fun activity like the mehendi event. All you have to do is add some colorful ribbons to the paper lanterns and make them party at the top ceiling of the wedding venue. 

Ribbon Paper Lanterns Decor Ideas


Ribbon Paper Lanterns Ideas


Ribbon Paper Lanterns Decor Ideas

Go with some modern approach to your wedding with these amazing paper lanterns wedding decor that are both delightful in look and easy on pocket. 

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