20 Best New Simple Flower Mandap Designs for Destination Wedding

Wedding mandap design is an essential part of an Indian wedding. Indian weddings are a grand celebration of two three or many pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies together this is the reason. Indian weddings are called Big Fat Indian wedding. Mandap is the place where the bride and groom exchange seven vows of a wedding. Bride and groom promise themselves saat vachanas to be followed throughout their life. Mandap is important not because of the most significant ritual of an Indian wedding is performed here but also most candid moments of weddings are capture here at this place.

A mandap decoration is a magical place which creates a romantic aura of the picturesque wedding. Wedding photographers and videographers capture the best candid and magical moments of Big fat Indian wedding to cherish forever.  Bride and groom take wedding oath in front of holy fire along with chanting mantras with all their near and dear ones sitting beside or alongside with them.

The venue for auspicious custom has specific importance in an Indian wedding, and in destination wedding which is already famous for picturesque decorations and candid wedding photography, this is the reason Mandap decoration need more detailed and unique settings

Dreamz wedding planner suggest some best Mandap decoration ideas for a destination wedding

1. Wedding Traditional Mandap

Traditional wedding Mandap made with wood or metallic pillars drapes with curtains along with some elegant flowers on it. Bold, metallic, rust, Bronze, and ethnic Mandap, decoration with traditionally decorated Kalash, Thali, and decorated bell hangings. This mandap setting makes the wedding environment more auspicious and pure.

2. Wedding Temple Mandap

Beautiful sculptured authentic temple Mandap is gaining popularity, especially in a traditional Indian destination wedding. Fabricated mandap design in temple shape with authentic pillars and sculptured dome above over the pillars. It easily go with golden wedding theme, crystal wedding theme,  auspicious mandap vedi in between all the pillars decorated with hanging bells, beautiful sculptures, silk and satin drapes, metallic and crystal real chandelier.

Mandap Decoration,Wedding Mandap Design for Destination Wedding 

3. Destination Wedding Open Mandap with Drapes

Open Mandaps decor is the best option for a destination wedding, and beach destination wedding, Using drape along with tent frames, base, and pipes a stunning mandap can be created for the dream fairytale destination wedding. Open Mandap can be decorated with beautiful silk, satin, georgette fabric drapes and exotic flowers of different colors according to the wedding theme.

Mandap Decoration,Wedding Mandap Design for Destination Wedding

4. Wedding Floral Arch Mandap

Flower arch mandap designs are the modern trend in a destination wedding, flower arch Mandap made with the metal arch of different designs. Designers create a Flower arch magic with exotic multi flowers like roses, orchids, lilies, marigolds, lavenders, burgundy red flowers according to the wedding theme.  It creates an elegant and unique destination wedding experience. Modern, stylish and romantic Flower arch mandap is a perfect choice for the outdoor wedding.

Mandap Decoration

5. Floral Canopy Mandap

Gorgeous and elegant floral canopy mandap is an absolute remarkable choice for Indoor and outdoor destination wedding. This mandap can be decorated with flowers strings, floral petals and crystal hangings and abundant exotic range of flowers according to the wedding theme and concept.  

6. Floral Chandelier Mandap

Most stylish and popular Mandap for new age destination wedding. Round floral chandelier with floral strings and colorful fabric drapes are a super choice for a destination wedding. If you get bored with traditional mandap and want a new opulent design then go with floral chandelier mandap. This mandap suits to beach destination wedding, fresh timeless flowers merges dramatically with floral string and give your wedding a fairy tale gorgeous look.

marriage mandap decoration cost

7. Beach Edge Mandap

Take seven sacred vows the saptapadi on the edge of a beach, with the splashing sound of sea waves, a romantic breeze of seashore, sprawling white sand and view of the endless horizon, beach mandap on the deck, with amazing sea view is an excellent idea for beach destination wedding. Thailand, Bali designation wedding has plenty of options of the decoration for beach edge mandap.

marriage mandap decoration cost

8. Botanical green Mandap

If you want a unique and eco-friendly theme wedding then botanical green mandap is an excellent idea for your unique destinations wedding. Lush green amazing botanical green mandap is made of wood and different types of leaves, decorated with stunning red roses.

marriage mandap decoration cost

9. Open Curtain Drapes Mandap

Open Mandap with curtain drapes spectacular choice for an intimate destination wedding, open circular or square pillars mandap frame covered with fabric drapes and jhallars,  Decorated with a striking bunch of flowers. Beautiful colorful hangings are such an extraordinary choice for a picturesque destination wedding.

10. Umbrella Canopy Mandap

A cultivateextravagant atmosphere with umbrella canopy Mandap, Umbrella shape of dome upon the four pillars gives a royal and extravagant look to your dream wedding. Decorated with colorful umbrellas with phenomenal drapes of satin and silk curtains, bunches of refreshing flowers and stunning hangings.

marriage mandap decoration cost

11. Royal Wedding Mandap Designs

Royal mandaps with absolute royal decorations are a remarkable choice for a royal theme wedding. Mughalai theme mandap, Rajwada Mandap, Crystal mugal art mandap, fabricated mandap can be cultivated for indoor and outdoor royal destination wedding, decorated with stunning red and gold decorated artworks, hangings, royal chandeliers.

12. Circular Design Mandap

Create a unique wedding ornamentation with circular design mandap. Usually, mandaps are of square shape but circular shape mandap can blow your heart away with unique drapes, curtains and floral strings settings, floral curtains, and beautiful floral chandeliers.

marriage mandap decoration cost

13. Vintage Mandap Design

Unique rustic mandap is remarkable for an outdoor destination wedding.  Elegant vintage mandap can be made with a wooden frame, decorated in vintage style can go for a unique fusion wedding. Breathtaking white, brown, elegant floral decoration with vintage candles blowing in authentic candles stands and crystal hangings.

Poolside Mandap Designs

14. Wedding Floral String Mandap

Floral strings are quite popular in destination weddings.  Create magical moments by adding beautiful flower strings in mandap. We are sure that this decoration melts your heart.  Flower strings mandap Creates divine magic with striking flowers like Jasmine, lily, orchids, lavenders, marigold flower strings in mandap.

15. Poolside Mandap Designs

Stage mandap at poolside is the coolest idea for a pool destination wedding.  Wedding sacred rituals to be reflected in the crystal water of the pool and intimate sitting arrangements for guest are the main attraction of poolside destination wedding.

Mandap Decoration,Wedding Mandap Design for Destination Wedding

16. Mystical Lavender Mandap

Lavender is the most romantic flower and color theme for the destination wedding. Choose a lavender magical theme for your dream wedding, beautiful drapes of lavender fabric, lavender net, lavender flowers, pearls, candles, this can be an extraordinary idea for your unique and extraordinary dream wedding.

17. Wedding Canopy Mandap

Canopy tent mandap are easily available and easy to setup, there are many options like curtain canopy, ribbon canopy, floral canopy mandaps of different colors and designs.

wedding mandap design

18. Floral Ceiling Mandap

Flowers are evergreen and fit any theme of the destination wedding. Floral ceilings are a modern trend of decorations, floral ceiling with the strings of floral chandeliers are the best options for candid wedding photography. Create fairytale wedding moments with floral ceiling mandaps.

Mandap Decoration,Wedding Mandap Design for Destination Wedding

19. Mandap with Aisle

Grand entrance of mandap with aisle, create a romantic path towards your wedding goals by cultivating a mandap with aisle. Floral petals, candles, traditional Kalash, floral bunches can be used to make mandap aisle.  Mandap with aisle is a unique mandap design for modern wedding.

mandap indian wedding

20. Red and Gold Mandap

Red and gold are an evergreen color theme for the Indian wedding. Ornate red and golden authentic marriage mandap can go with the indoor and outdoor destination wedding. Mandap with golden pillars and red rose decoration can turn any wedding into an extravagant destination wedding.

Weddings are like creation and an expert wedding planner creates it to demonstrate couples real personalities and wedding goals of life. A dreamz wedding planner has a professional team to create a magical destination wedding for you. For international destination for wedding read Wedding destination outside India.mandap indian wedding









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