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Why there is need of a Wedding Planner? Stress free Wedding

11 months to go for mitali’s wedding, Her parents wanted to make it a momentous day for their
daughter, But, why there is a need of a wedding planner ?? Mitali’s parents was working like a sailor to
make the big day uncommon, significant wedding day. From venue, decoration, to choose best
caterers, ceremonies arrangements, shopping, making guest list so many task were pending, arranging
a wedding is a laborious and back breaking task. Mittali’s parent were too worried, there were
thousands of task would they able to drive to the edge?
Then, their family friend introduce them to ‘Dreamz wedding planner’ Aarti Gupta MD of Dreamz
wedding planner said, "When they came they were too worried not because of all the pending task but
they thought hiring a wedding planner is a expensive affair.” She added, “Many people have the
misperception that hiring professional wedding planners means many unnecessary expenses.

Why there is need of a Wedding Planner? Stress free Wedding

If you
look at the bigger picture though, you will begin to see that professionals are always better than
ordinary people at their work, and your wedding planner is just the right person who is professionally
equipped with the clear concept for your wedding. Once you hire a person to do the work, you can sit
back and relax, that’s what Mitali’s parents experienced with us they trusted on us, and we organized
desired wedding for their daughter.

Because people tend to underestimate the amount of work and time that goes into planning a wedding.
And they prefer to rely on their jugaads rather than hiring a professional, But hiring a good wedding
planner have many benefits , Lets have some point to more clear the perception why there is need of
a wedding planner.

A professional Touch:

We understand that you are very much attentive for the big wedding day ,hiring
a professional turn a good wedding into a great one. Because only professional wedding planner can
understand your #weddingGoals

professional wedding planner, wedding planner

Budget Saving :

Every couple & their family want a extravagant wedding in their desired budget, so if
you hire a professional wedding planner they provide the best quotes of your desire location, venue,
caterers etc. because they have a huge list of vendors also they deal with them daily.

Why there is need of a Wedding Planner? Stress free wedding

Avoid last minute Hustle &

save time :a good wedding planner tell you the practical and aesthetics
virtualization of an event to avoid last minute hustle, also they helps you to cope up last minute
emergencies if in case it arise.

Widen your horizon :

Provides right menu, hotels, various unique themes in all areas with vary
budgets, to widen your horizons

Stress free wedding :

Lets go back to the memory lane in our parents wedding when relatives
and friends arrived many days before to take care of all responsibilities, but now-a day's
relative & friends take wedding as their fun event only to enjoy, relax like a vacation, hiring a
professional wedding planner you can make the wedding a memorable event for them, also
you just sit, enjoy with them as well.

Why there is need of a Wedding Planner? Stress free wedding

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