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Wedding is the most lavish celebration in a person’s life no matter which religion, after all, it’s a prosperous union of two souls who are deep down in love. In Islam culture which is the most famous and widespread religion of the world, a Muslim wedding is a grand and luxurious event of their life. A very simple and elegant term which is being used for Muslim wedding in Islamic culture is “Nikah”.

This celebration is all about a bright and lush decor, sparkly outfits and delicious “Dawat” or wedding feast. It is considered as the epitome of happiness and when an event of life is celebrated in such a manner than who wants to compromise? If you are not ready to compromise then Dreamz Wedding Planner is here to give a real-life to your splendid utopian wedding. We are a professional team with a better understanding of every minute details of the Islamic wedding process. 

Muslim Weddings Planner In India

Muslim Wedding Planner

Dreamz Wedding Planner is the most celebrated wedding planner who doesn’t excel just in Hindu weddings but Muslim weddings not just in India but overseas too. Either it’s your destination wedding or hometown wedding then we put our best efforts to make your wedding a beautiful journey.

Either it’s a traditional Muslim wedding or a modern one, we plan an unordinary wedding by following your visionary desires. Not just wedding but pre-wedding and post-wedding festivities are also our forte

Muslim Wedding Invitation/Wedding Stationery

A beautiful wedding begins with an attractive wedding invitation. Muslim wedding invitations are vibrant with Urdu, English or Arabic typewriting as per choice. We provide you with a large option of elegant traditional paper cards or digital cards. Not just in invitation cards, but in every kind of wedding stationery like table cards, posters, etc. we excel.

Muslim Wedding Invitation card

Muslim Wedding Rituals

Muslim wedding rituals are as fun and meaningful like other cultures. Since we are aware that the wedding rituals of Muslim wedding are so colourful and elegant. Dreamz wedding planner is not just aware of the wedding ceremony but offers splendid services to make your wedding an enormous and unique event of your life.

Engagement/The Mangani

Like other cultures, this Muslim wedding ritual is about exchanging rings by the couple. This announces its future official union. In this groom, family presents gifts to the bride’s family. 

muslim engagement


 In this ceremony, a paste of Haldi (turmeric) is applied on a bride’s face, hands and feet by her family members so their beautiful bride can look pretty in her wedding. With the bride, the family members also wear yellow ethnic outfits and dance their heart out. It is being said that after this ritual a bride is not allowed to leave her house till her wedding.


Beautiful Heena tattoo bride’s hands or feet is a very glamorous festivity. After the bride, the family’s women also apply Mehendi on their hands. A small delicious feast is arranged for the family. Music and dance performances by the bride’s family members add a charm to this ceremony.

muslim mehndi ceremony


The ceremony in which the wedding day outfit of the bride and jewellery are sent by the groom’s family to the bride’s family. A small feast is arranged at the bride’s place.

Baraat Reception

 On the wedding day, the groom family is warmly welcomed by the bride’s family with delicious handy snacks and drinks. During this ceremony, the groom shares a sweet drink with the bride’s brother.

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The Nikah

The official reunion of bride and groom in which a Maulvi recites Quran in front of bride and groom. Finally, he asks the bride and groom for three times the Kabool Nama, if both agree for three times then family celebrates their wedding with happiness.

muslim nikah

Arsi Musaf

The most unique and loving tradition of Muslim wedding is Arsi Musaf. In this ceremony, after the Nikah, the bride and groom are being seated next to each other and covered with a sparkly veil. Under this veil, both are asked to see each other in a mirror. 

Post-Wedding Rituals


An emotional ritual in which brides bids a teary farewell to her family and welcomes a new family in her life. At this moment, her mother-in-law gifts her Quran.


A kind of welcoming party for the bride in which a huge reception party is given by the groom’s family. Groom’s family invites their family and friends, the bride’s family, to give their blessing to the newlywed couple.

Muslim Wedding Decor

Muslim wedding decor is very much similar to Hindu marriages with a little variant. But somehow we can say, Muslim wedding decors are a little bit more shiny and vibrant. Every decor complements the particular wedding festivity. Dreamz Wedding Planner offers you hundreds of Muslim wedding decor themes to make your wedding elegant. From unique wedding venue entrance to wedding stage, sitting arrangements, everything we plan in your budget with your ease. 

Manjha Decor

Similar to Hindu decor, Muslim Manjha ritual decor includes fresh/artificial floral decor in yellow colour.

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Mehendi Decor

With a huge number of Mehendi decor themes, Dreamz Wedding Planner offers you a glittery decor, floral decors, glass decor for day and night Mehendi ritual. 

Muslim wedding mehendi decor

Wedding Decor

Either it’s a day wedding or night wedding, royal wedding or beach wedding, Dreamz Wedding Planner plans a Muslim wedding decor with keeping traditions in the mind. 

Different Regional Muslim Weddings of India

Kerala Muslim Weddings

The Kerala Muslim wedding of this region is much different from the rest of India. They believe in simplicity and soberness. The Kerala Muslim wedding decor, attires everything is not that vibrant as others regions’. The main focus is on the gold ornaments. The bride includes gold temple jewellery in her bridal look.

Kerala Muslim Weddings

Kashmiri Muslim Weddings

 The Kashmiri Muslim wedding is more extravagant than in other regions. The Kashmiri Muslim wedding ceremony begins with Mehendi Raat ends with WalimaThe attire of the bride is a beautiful heavily embellished suit. The groom wears a specially customized sherwaDreamz Wedding Planner

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