The Top 6 Honeymoon Destinations in India That are Within Your Budget

Honeymoon Destinations in India

India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions. More than that, there are many locations that adorn the vast map of the country. there are many awe-aspiring architectural wonders, ranging from green places to beaches, to pilgrimages to snow-capped mountains and the flower-filled valleys. You can choose honeymoon destinations in India from any of them, right from the Jammu and Kashmir till Kanyakumari.

honeymoon destination in india

But when you are thinking of a perfect honeymoon destination in India, you have to choose from amazing and bewitching places like Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Gangtok, Darjeeling you might have to put in extra efforts in finding the best location. Now it’s not that you can go to any place, the honeymoon destination in India should be within your budget as well. But don’t worry, we have it covered for you. The guide provides you the best romantic and enticing places in India that will serve to be the best honeymoon destinations.

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Said to be the pride of Kerala Tourism, Munnar is one place where you feel the clouds on earth and indulge in an extract of greenery. The exotic honeymoon destination in India has all shades of green, where you can indulge in the magnificence of the team gardens and the lush green meadows. The place is cheap and will not create a burning sensation in your pocket. Go for boat rides by the streaming waters and rejoice in the utter natural beauty of the place.

honeymoon destination in india

Honeymoon Destination in India


If you are looking for a place that is packed with the surreal beauty of the beaches and romance, then Kovalam Beach is one place that will fulfill all your needs. The most fascinating thing about the place is the Hawa Samudra and Lighthouse that are the calm and fascinating places for the tourist. The all-natural essence and scenery will make you feel rejoiced at picking this place.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in India


Said to be the gateway of North-East India, this is one of the most pristine attractions in case of hill stations in West Bengal. The place provides a perfect view of the mountainous regions of Mount Kanchenjunga. It is known for its architectural wonders and has a pleasant climate all year around.

Best Honeymoon Destinations in India


This is one of the cheapest destinations for your honeymoon in India. Also called as the queen of hill stations, the place is a romantic gateway for a perfect backdrop and superb weather. The cool breeze and the local delicacies will make you feel special and amazing.

Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

A place that will serve the adventurous quotient in you, the overseas holiday time will rejuvenate you. You can go for various water sports, like scuba diving, snorkeling, and other underwater activities. The place will offer you options worth of enthralling beauty and pleasant attractions.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands


If there is romance in the air of any Indian location, then that place is Ooty. The place will make all your dreams come true right from the lush green tea estates to driving on the windy roads and the steep bends. The place will keep you engaged.

Best Honeymoon Places in India

Book your tickets to your favorite honeymoon destinations in India and let your marriage start with some romance and love.

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