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Gorgeous summer palettes that would make a style statement in Indian wedding

So, you are about to be the bride, then it is the perfect timing for you to look for a wedding dress. You should start looking for your wedding dress, well in advance because this is something that is going to take a lot of time and efforts and cries as well. When you go for choosing a wedding dress, the first thing that comes to the mind is the color of the dress and what season are you going to marry in. for summer weddings, light colors make more room for some great pictures and settings. But if it is a winter wedding, then go for dark colors that will suit the season and the contrast as well.

Before you hit the internet on what’s the most ongoing wedding outfit and color, we have covered it entirely for you with our expert choices and color previews for the most important day of your life. Follow this guide and engage in the best feeling on the biggest day of your life. Here are the few gorgeous color outfits for the day that will be your perfect fitting and color.


The combination of blue and gold: if you are a fan of watching Bollywood gossip, then you probably didn’t miss the grandeur of the Indian party of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s reception. The dress was amazing with all the intricate decoration with gold on the borders of it. She matched it with a massive diamond necklace that made the dress even more awe-aspiring. You can go for a strapless one and complete your look with some good makeup.

The blush pink color and its amazing nature: we saw a lot more of pink and its designing nature in the weddings as well. Right from Anushka Sharma’s wedding, the pink and its intricate touch has somehow made people lure in the colors of it. Pink color is perfect if you’re getting married in the morning and need a bright outfit for the same. Not only this,but you can a light touch of green or blue onto it as well. The subtle and the enhanced nature of the green and blue will make your pink appear more charming and alluring.

The traditional aspect of red: this is one color that doesn’t go out of order any time during Indian weddings. Red has an extra depth and feeling and importance in the Indian culture as well. It is filled up with aesthetics and has its own shimmering nature when it comes to glowing as a bride. It makes you feel complete and amazing.

The shades of pink with gold: pink made quite a new entry in the year 2018 since its inception in Virat Kohli’s wedding. This is why it is making so much new combinations with many different colors. A particular charm is added when it glows with gold. All you need to do is add some gold jewelry to it and there you have a lasting wedding impression of yours.

The combination of maroon and gold: you probably can’t go wrong red and its shades and maroon is one of them. It has an important presence in the lives of people and maroon has it’s own shades and charm in a wedding. Add red and gold to your wedding lehenga and you don’t need any other fashionista.

Let’s go for all gold: one thing that awe-aspired beauty of gold is throughout the time. Gold has its own royal and enchanting touch and that is what makes it more beautiful and amazing. We did see Deepika Padukone going for all gold in her reception and that look made quite some news as well.



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