The sparkling and customized Indian wedding gifts for guests

Wedding gifts have always been a tradition for Indian weddings. No matter which side are you from, you plan on giving your close ones and friends the best of the gift for their appetite or plan for customized Indian wedding gifts for guests.

When you talk about wedding gifts, gone are those days when people were just handed a sweet box for being present in the occasion, nowadays it is all about customized gifts that can speak volumes about how important your guests are for you. After all, they made all that time to get back to you on your special day.

The charm of traditional Indian weddings has come far away from the dry fruits ka dabaa that was handed over to the guests. The Indian wedding gifts for guests have now paved ways from customization and personalization.

This plays a key role in making your guests feel great with their wedding return gift. The two most important things that you must keep in mind while picking to something for your wedding party is the theme of the wedding the budget.

However, the biggest dilemma is what makes a worthy Indian wedding gift for guests. If this is also the problem you have been realizing, then do not worry. Your token of appreciation is your guests feel welcome in the house. And remember, in any gift packaging is the key to a great gift, no matter whatever gift you choose.

The test tube wedding buzz as Indian wedding gifts:

This is one of the most elegant and personalizes Indian wedding gifts for guests. The delicate bath salts in the test tubes are received well by the guests. Let the crystalline salts work great for your bath and create their soft scent ambiance in turn. Have you been waiting for a refreshing and rejuvenating bath, add bath salts to your list.

Customize Indian Wedding Gifts

The flavored tea test tubes as customized Indian wedding gifts:

Well, this Indian wedding gifts for guests is a great change in taste from the usual Indian chai flavors. You can add different flavors of tea in the test tubes and go for some customize information about every one of them. It works great in Indian weddings!

Customize Indian Wedding Gifts

The tropical wedding gifts:

For someone who is having a beach wedding, this dreamy tropical wedding gift is better than giving infused candles with tropical additions. You can color them in some goof vases and small items to make them even more luring than before.

Customized Indian Wedding Gifts

Cute wedding gifts for kids:

Well if little munchkin is also a part of the wedding, and then don’t these special guests deserve some good gifts as well! Give these tiny and cute guests with some great cute toys platter for an everlasting playing expedition. After all, they took out some time for your wedding from their busy schedule, giggles!

Customized Indian Wedding Gifts

Some green wedding gift ideas:

Weddings in India is not a minimal affair but a lot of money and resources are spent on it. When you’re taking so much from nature, why not return it back as well. Go green with the seeds, small potted plants and other green ideas for your wedding.

Customized Indian Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts form an important part of Indian weddings. You have to treat your guests with honor for being there on your special day with you. These cool ideas for customized Indian wedding gifts for guests will make your guests love it!

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