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What a beautiful wedding?

Dream Wedding:- Ever thought of getting married like a prince or a princess, in a place or a castle? Most of us have a ‘dream wedding’ woven in your minds, but do all dream come true? Certainly. We are here to turn your dream into a reality with a touch of perfection.

Indian Beautiful Wedding

From the chatter filled Mehendi to the glitzy and glamorous Sangeet, to the elegant reception and the beautiful mandap design, everything can be taken care of. We respect your emotion, value your traditions celebrate your rituals listen to your suggestion, understand your needs, care of your budget, deliver to the expectation, and propose the best to make your dream wedding.

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Engagement is an official ceremony before marriage that marks a new beginning in this ceremony the duo exchanges the ring as now they are going to be unified forever this ceremony is reveled with much gaiety and splendor by their kindred and friends. The engagement is called gol dhana as coriander seeds, and jiggery are circulated to the guests.



Engagement Ring

Pre-Wedding Ceremonies

This is a typical Hindu ceremony performed at the brides and grooms abode. A priest is called, and a small Ganesh puja is performed, and the family prays for the happiness of the bride and groom. This ceremony is performed a few days before the nuptial. This is essential for a happy married life and to refrain from negativities that can create obstacles.


Mehendi Ceremony

The pictures beautifully capture the small but meaningful traditions that add to the wedding story. These elements make up an essential part of the wedding journey, and capture emotions of love and pride Mehendi is a necessary ritual for the bride and the groom in all communities of our country. Indian Mehendi, like other cultures, is engulfed in glee, splendor, songs, and togetherness.

Mehendi Ceremony


This ritual is fixed before the day of the wedding. All the friends and relatives are invited at the bride’s place to apply Mehendi on the bride’s hands and legs. To celebrate her new journey, the friends and relative also adorn Mehendi and revel to celebrate her happiness. The kindred and friends groove on the rhythm of their traditional Gujarati folk songs as well as contemporary songs.

Mehendi Design

Wedding Rituals: Baraat or Varghoda

The groom leaves his home along with his Baraat or wedding procession. Before leaving his abode for the venue, the groom’s sister waves a bag full of coins over his head with the belief that it will wards off any evil. The groom then sits on the mare and proceeds towards the wedding venue with his friend and relatives. They dance and make merry while walking towards the site.



After Jai mala, the bride goes to her private chamber, while the groom is led to the mandap where he waits for her. A veil called antarpat, is then raised around the mandap. In the meantime, the bride makes her way towards the mandap, and she is ushered to the mandap by her maternal uncle. As the dream wedding rituals ensue, the curtain separating the bride and the groom is gradually lowered. The ritual is called Kanya Agaman.

Bride Entry


After the groom enters the venue, the bride and the groom are ushered towards the stage by their friend’s relatives on the stage they exchange is called the Jaimala. To add a fun note to it, the bride and the groom are lifted by their friend, and they try to make it difficult for the bride/groom to exchange the garlands.



This is a ritual where the parent’s dream of the bride hands her over to the groom. This implies that the groom makes a formal commitment to take care of all the needs of the bride. The bride sits on the left of the groom, and the rituals are performed in the vicinity of the pious wedding fire.

Kanya Daan


A dream wedding ceremony is marked with numerous customs and rituals. The Saath Phere that is performed with the couple walking around the sacred fire in the midst of the holy chanting marks an auspicious beginning for the married couple.

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The customary rituals of the seven vows performed in the presence of family, friends and the
priest are the seven promises which the bride and the groom promise to keep, ensuring a happy and prosperous life ahead. The bride and the groom take an oath to be tied in the bond of conjugality. Performed before the Agni Dev, the fire symbolizes the energy of the sun as it is a form of Lord Vishnu and the soul of the living world.

Saaath Phere


Vidaai truly is the most challenging part of the entire wedding journey while some happen with quivering smiles & teary eyes, some are just shattering. But, they’re all rawly beautiful! We spotted some candidly heart-melting Vidaai photos that made us a little weak in the knees and moist in the eyes. And we have to say, the artists behind the lens, undoubtedly, out-did themselves while capturing these shots.


Don’t forget to keep some tissues handy! Because you choose the best for making your dream wedding.

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