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Everything You Need To Know About Marwari Wedding Rituals

Marwari Wedding Rituals:- With the different communities in the country has its auspices of celebrating weddings, not only it becomes a matter of pride for everyone, but it entails about the heritage the country holds.
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Every state of […]

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Rajput Wedding Rituals – The Intricate Details of the Royal Hindu Rajput Wedding

Rajput Wedding Rituals:- You can feel the vibe of a Hindu Rajput wedding by seeing the lights, colors and the vibrancy. Rajput wedding is generally cited in being a glamorous and royal affair owing to the rich culture and the […]

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Bengali Wedding Rituals : 11 Unique Bengali Wedding Rituals

Bengali Wedding Rituals:- India is a country consisting of a thousand rituals and customs of different communities that thrive here. Popularly called as the ‘Biye’, a Bengali Hindu wedding is one of those multi-cultural community that lingers it’s amazing traditions […]

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The Big Fat Punjabi Wedding Rituals You Should Know About

Big fat punjabi wedding rituals are all about the dhol and dance, but there is more to it. Punjabi weddings are all about vibrant colors, love and delicious food circling the entire wedding venue. The favourite mention of Patiala Pegs […]

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