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Bengali Wedding Rituals : 11 Unique Bengali Wedding Rituals

Bengali Wedding Rituals:- India is a country consisting of a thousand rituals and customs of different communities that thrive here. Popularly called as the ‘Biye’, a Bengali Hindu wedding is one of those multi-cultural community that lingers it’s amazing traditions […]

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These mouthwatering unique wedding food ideas will leave your food stall glorious

“If you want to know about unique wedding food ideas or traditional Indian cuisine, food trucks, and mobile bars 2019 then read this blog continue.”
Believe it or not, but during the prior times, guests mostly grazed the wedding celebrations for […]

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The endless summer days, hotty, broiling sun shining over the day. What are the trendy lehenga designs for this summer solstice. let’s find out in this post-
Au- Neutral trend–
Top designers of country introducing new trend for this summer season […]

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FOOD MANIA :New Era Savories For Big Fat Indian Weddings

Big fat Indian wedding cannot be completed without sweets and savories, Shubh
Arambh (start) from sweet box with invitation cards and to end with wedding favour
boxes. Every Indian from all over the world has a passion for sweets, we can say […]

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Why there is need of a Wedding Planner? Stress free Wedding

11 months to go for mitali’s wedding, Her parents wanted to make it a momentous day for their daughter, But, why there is a need of a wedding planner ? Mitali’s parents was working like a sailor to make the big […]

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What is a new #trend? Everyone is exploring the same through different mediums, Does anyone think
about it, why we are always in the search of new trend?? Every couple want their marriage as a
unforgettable journey only not for their selves […]

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Destination Wedding In India

Most of the couple wants the dream of a magical Mediterranean astonishing destinations wedding for a picture-perfect event. All want their wedding memorable and outstanding; you need to choose the best destination that would be your worth getting married at.destination […]

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