These 7 Amazing Vintage Wedding Decoration Ideas Will Totally Leave You Spell Bounded

Vintage Wedding Decoration Ideas:- Whether you think that it is a retro idea or you are a hippie type of bride, vintage is one theme that suits all type of weddings and formats. Vintage wedding decoration ideas make your wedding look beautiful and timelessly chic with its amazing looks and the type of aura it creates.

Vintage Wedding Decoration Ideas

If you want to weave your special day with some great ideas and an everlasting taste then vintage is one theme that will serve you in the most righteous ways. Its traditional theme and the reinforcement it creates with its whimsical touch, vintage is one theme that never goes out of fashion when weddings are being talked about.

Vintage Wedding Decoration Ideas

You can inject the retro feel in your wedding with the amazing teacups and the birdcages to the other bunter that will totally make you love the wedding decor.

Vintage Wedding Decoration Ideas

Vintage wedding decoration ideas enshrine your wedding space will some mind-boggling elements, making you steal some good comments for it. These effortless ideas will look make your wedding theme look romantic and more eclectic as well. Here are few vintage-inspired theme ideas for your wedding that will add some degree of harmony in your wedding. 

Vintage Wedding Decoration Ideas


Go for a timeless table like a candelabra or a birdcage as the main attraction of your wedding seating. These elegant centerpieces will totally transform the room and make everyone feel positive around.

Centerpieces Vintage Wedding Decoration Ideas Centerpieces Vintage Wedding Decoration Ideas

Vintage Themed Teacups

Let your wedding tables shine with the bride and groom teacups that will really impress the people around. These are highly affordable ideas and you can add to the charm of it with some pastel-hued flowers baskets and there you have your vintage theme.

Vintage Themed Teacups Vintage Themed Teacups

The Chair Decorations

Go for some cute sashes in pastel or floral patterns and mix and match to the patterns of it. You can go for any light color in the wedding décor and make it embellish with the help of some pretty paper roses and all those DIY ideas. 

Chair Decorations Chair Decorations


These can also aid in being the centerpiece attractions for your house styled with some amazing candles and wreath of flowers to make it look more luring and attractive. These work great as hanging ideas as well. These work great of reception tables and will add onto the vintage themed aura around as well. 

Vintage Wedding Decoration Vintage Wedding Decoration


These are creative enough and add on the rustic feel of the vintage. You can use them as the guest placeholders or they can go beneath the centerpieces. These work great in colors like white. Silver and gold, perfectly imbibing the elements of vintage in them. 

Vintage Wedding Decoration Vintage Wedding Decoration


Something that can never go out of order when we talk about a wedding is pearls. These can be draped onto the tables of your vintage wedding décor and exquisitely add their beauty and charm to your wedding. Pearls are one of the foremost elements to be considered when talking about vintage wedding decoration ideas. 

Vintage Wedding Decoration Vintage Wedding Decoration

Fairy lights

Nothing works best other than the amazing setting of fairy lights and the impeccable aura they create. These work great for both indoor and outdoor wedding themes and lit up your perfect evening in the most delightful ways. 

Vintage Wedding Decoration Vintage Wedding Decoration

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