These 8 pre-wedding shoot themes ideas will totally decorate your wedding album with great photos

So, you are about to get married and get tied in the holy matrimony but you guys have no the ‘so-called’ wedding photos that your friends can make fun of. You need to get the pre-wedding shoot done like ASAP. Now when you are talking about the pre-wedding shoot thing, you need to consider some thematic ideas that can make your wedding album look lovely and wonderful. You might have googled it but found no solution. Well don’t worry, we have the best pre-wedding shoot themes for you.

You can rock your pre-wedding shoot themes with these newbie and trendy ideas. These poses and pictures will let you click some amazing photos for a kickass wedding album.

Your dog is an important deal to:-

Don’t you dare to forget about the dog once you have your better half? He is the one who has witnessed your love grow and blossom. So, they are quite an important deal and member of the family. You will not go wrong with this pre-wedding shoot theme. Get some great clothes for your dog and boom! You have your family picture ready to be framed.

traditional wedding photo poses

The romantic type of shoot:-

Pick some royal and romantic location and let your love do the poses for you. When you’re talking about your love, then don’t be afraid of going an extra mile for them. You can always go for picturesque locations like Udaipur or the snow beauty of Kashmir and Leh.

traditional wedding photo poses

Sparkling love through water:-

How about you’re sitting on a boat amidst the tranquil nature of the waters and then going for an amazing ride sounds like a good deal. This idea is going to make you fall in love with the setting and also your better half.

wedding photography poses indianwedding photography poses indian

You’re my world’s best wonder:-

How would you feel, strolling amidst the waves and the beauty of the masterpiece architectures in the world and your better half making you feel like you mean the world to him? Go for the charm and ecstasy of the Taj Mahal or a foreign location like the Eiffel Tower.

wedding photography poses indian

unique wedding photography poses

unique wedding photography poses

Take the plunge into the water:-

Nowadays, couples are trying different poses to fix their wedding album in the best ways. All you have to do is plunge into the water with your better half and get ready for some good and watery photos. I am sure that you will feel like a princess with your lover making you feel how special you are.

pre wedding shoot themes

The magical upside down:-

You are obviously going to turn your life upside down after getting married, so why not click some photos before and keep them as proof. All you have to do is unleash the magic and let the camera do its magic.

pre wedding shoot themes

The funny photos:-

Being married isn’t going to be easy so don’t hide your emotions. Act crazy, feel amazing together and capture all that on your wedding album. Click the best photos and let your wedding album do the talking.

pre wedding shoot themes

The eternal kiss of a lifetime:-

When love hit you hard, then go for a good stroll and some eternal kissing photos to make people believe in your love. I am sure this is going to be the front page of your wedding album.

pre wedding shoot themes

I hope you like the pre-wedding shoot themes and could grab some ideas. Happy shooting!

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