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Mandap Design for Marriage:- Today in 21st century bride and groom experiment with their looks, themes, outfits, and even decorations, no one wants to have that same old fashioned decor that can be seen at almost every marriage.

Mandap Design

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Unlike Bollywood and Hollywood stars, everyone is in search of something that is more creative and matches with their theme. Like a Mandap design for marriage, most of the people ignore this area and actually are not aware of the fact how important this part is.

Mandap Design

If you are in search of best wedding mandap decorators, your search ends up here. Dreamz Wedding Planner has earned a renowned name in the market for their superb and elegant mandap decoration designs. If you are still confused with what kind of mandap design you need, here is a list of few points that can help you select the best mandap decorations:-

Dreamz Wedding Planner

Theme Of Your Wedding

Most of the ceremonies nowadays have themes, and these beautiful themes never fail to attract people to attend them. These themes not only surprise the crowd but also create an amazing memory for the couple themselves. If you have selected the theme of your marriage, and your Mandap is not matched to your theme, don’t you now think that it will look out of place?

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Number Of People

Not every person attending the marriage will be present at Mandap only you and your near and dear ones will only be the people that are going to sit in the Mandap during the main ritual. Altogether these people sum up to 10-12. So it is important that the Mandap design for marriage is sized up according to the total number of people present there so that there is enough space for everyone present there.

Mandap Design
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Style Of Mandap

It is advisable to select the style of your Mandap according to the theme of the wedding. Colour scheme should be the most important part and should look the best. You can browse some fantastic yet crazy ideas that have amazing elegant designs and patterns for your Mandap, later on you can discuss the same with Dreamz Wedding Planners team. There can be basically two types of mandaps:

  • Indoor Mandap: while selecting this type of Mandap keep in mind that there is proper ventilation as the ritual consists of fire.
  • Outdoor Mandap: This doesn’t need any artificial ventilation as there is natural ventilation.
Outdoor Mandap Design
Outdoor Mandap Design
Indoor Mandap Design
Indoor Mandap Design

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Low lighting can make the whole ceremony look dull, it is mandatory that there is enough light, so the people that are sitting far away can also enjoy every moment of this pure ceremony.

Mandap Design

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The most important factor in selecting any type of decoration depends on the cost that you have planned. Mandap is the main area, thus costs a little extra decoration. If you do not choose right, you will definitely end up spending a lot extra on it. So selecting the best wedding planner is the best to avoid such flaws.

Mandap Design

Sindhur ceremony, Phere, Kanyadaan, all the important rituals happens in Mandap, so don’t you think it should be the best? Mandap is the center point of attraction, so choosing the best Mandap Design for Wedding is really important. Dreamz Wedding  Planner gives you the exact same design that you have selected, and the team never gives you a chance to make last minute changes that will be followed by stress and tension.

Dreamz Wedding Planner

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