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Indian Wedding Planning Checklist for 2019:- There is no special day than getting married to the love of your life and exchanging vows of eternity and forever with them. It is one of the most awaited events of your life, and so far, you want to be pitch-perfect without any hanging knots and last-minute preparations.
Indian Wedding Planning Checklist
Since it’s your wedding, you will not like anyone to grab that attention from you. It is common for couples to have an adrenaline rush a few days before their wedding since they want everything to be organized in the right manner. As a fact, Indian weddings are never fully packed and scheduled until the last second of it. If you will like to break that tradition, then this wedding planning checklist is what will get you your groove back and prevent you from any stress marks appearing on the faces. 
Wedding Planning Checklist
Depending on your wedding planning timeline, we at Dreamz have prepared a list of all the essentials and all those all minute updates that need to be taken to make sure that everything is in place and perfect coordination. When you are fast approaching your wedding day, this wedding preparation checklist will make you inspire all the future brides and grooms to say prepared and make sure they handle everything with grace and style. 
Indian Wedding Preparation List

Things You Should Pay Attention To Six To Twelve Months Before The Wedding

This checklist is when you have six to twelve months left to in wedding. This will make you indulge in the essential talks required during that time and handle everything with style and perfection. 
Dreamz Wedding Planner

#01 How Grand Is Your Wedding Going To Be

Once you have finalized the dates for your wedding, one thing that steps with all the excitement and the anxiety is the fact that you need to finalize the budget for your wedding; how much to spend, where to spend and the other similar questions that form an integral part of the initial phases of your wedding planning. Before you start with anything in your wedding planning checklist, consider the budget for it. 
Indian Wedding Planning Checklist

#02 The Guest List

Indian weddings are all about inviting everyone who invited you to their wedding, and that is how the tradition keeps ongoing. The staunchest task is to include all the names of the people who you will be calling on your wedding and those people whose absence is going to matter you the most at your wedding. 
Wedding Guest List

#03 The Wedding Venue

Now the biggie over here is the wedding venue selection. Because the most famous wedding venues get booked fast for the wedding season, you will have to make a stand at your wedding venue like real soon. The most important factors to be considered during the selection of your wedding venue is the location, the number of people who will attend your wedding, and the ambience of the place.
Indian Wedding Preparation Checklist

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#04 The Wedding Caterer

 Since the best caterers in your city will be booked since the commencement of the wedding season, and you will need to finalize them ASAP for your wedding. Look for caterers who can prepare multiple cuisines for the various events of your wedding.
Best Wedding Preparation Checklist

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#05 Getting The Wedding Planner Abroad

Since this might not apply to everyone, many people hire a wedding planner who is going to coordinate the entire extravaganza while you sit back and relax. Even then, your wedding planner will take care of your checklist for the wedding, while you can just wait for the final event.
Wedding Abroad

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For Three To Five Months Before Your Wedding

These points should be kept in mind while considering the wedding planning checklist 3 months before your D-day. 

#01 The Wedding Invitations

You need to find the right design and the great content for your wedding cards. Keep it subtle yet engaging and make sure it goes with the theme of your wedding.
Wedding Planning Checklist India

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#02 Hiring The Photographer

You will certainly like to capture some memories of your wedding, whether you want it candid or you want it old-school, you need to book the best photographer for your wedding. 
Best Wedding Planning Checklist 2019

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#03 The Events List

No Indian wedding goes without a little music and some live entertainment. So, if you’re thinking of hiring any band or singer, then this is the right time to do so. 
Hindu Wedding Planning Checklist

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#04 Getting The Makeup and Mehendi Artist On Board

As time is ticking off the clock for your mega event, you need to book the best salon or makeup artist for all the ceremonies of your wedding. 
Bridal Makeup Artist

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#05 Start With The Planning On Honeymoon

The best time to go for your honeymoon is soon after your wedding, that way you get the enjoy the best couple moments together. You can start with the finalizing of the place where you want to go and research thoroughly regarding the same. 

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#06 Shop For Your Attire And Jewelry

Last-minute buying of the wedding attire will only add onto the tension. Finding the best jewelry and the attire is going to cost you time and money so it’ll be better for you to get onto an early start for it. 

Indian Wedding Planning Checklist For 2019
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#07 Book Accommodation For Your Guests

Since most of the guests will be arriving from outside the city, and you need to make sure that you ensure them with complete comfort and care. So, make sure that you book for the accommodations of all guests before only so that you get to crack the best deals too. 
Indian Wedding Preparation Checklist
Following on your wedding plethora and the ample of tasks that you have to do isn’t an easy thing. But when you follow a carefully scripted wedding planning checklist, you will not only refrain yourself from any stress but will enjoy every small detailing of your wedding. And that is what a wedding is all about, letting you feel the vibes of it and making it an everlasting experience for you.
Dreamz Wedding Planner
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