Affordable Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas For Your Perfect Wedding

Affordable Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas:- With wedding bells around the corner, your dress is not the only thing you should be concerned about. Obviously, with the hustle and bustle of your wedding dress echoing loud into the air of your house, even your wedding venue needs a total makeover for your wedding day. With the modern era ruling the wedding extravaganza, your wedding venue is what needs to be perfectly mastered and made charming for your wedding. There are various ways in which you can implement amazing and affordable Indian wedding decoration ideas and turn the barren wedding venue into a thrilling and sassy one.

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The Distinct Charm Of The Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas Customized For Your Special Day

Your wedding themes hold the distinct charm of the wedding venue. It sets benchmarks and standards for things that need to be color coordinated. If you happen to read through the first part of the Indian wedding decoration ideas edition, then probably you have found your thematic choice. For those who haven’t yet found their perfect theme, will surely like the ideas in part 2 of it.

Affordable Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas For Your Perfect Wedding

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Whimsy Bicycles For Perfect Photos

If you have a particular Bohemian theme of wedding decor going around, then adding a classy bicycle will add onto the bold nature of your wedding. You can go for certain additions in it like, covering the entire bicycle with Marigold flowers, turning it into a photo-booth space, add hippie and funny placards to it so as to make a short memory or drive around this bicycle of whimsies around.

Affordable Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas For Your Perfect Wedding

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Let’s Swing In The Celebration

Well those photos that have the bride sitting on the swing decorated with pastel flowers and the groom standing alongside her look cute right! You can get your own swinging photos with his amazing wedding decoration idea. Go for swings rather than chairs and cushions. You can go for big wooden planks painted and decorated with vivid colors and pastel flowers and increase the greenery quotient of your wedding. You can also cover the seating of the swing with flowers and make it look like you’re sitting on a floral cloud.

Affordable Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas For Your Perfect Wedding

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Make It Rain With Flowers

So whoever said that flowers are just the settings for a table is wrong! We can prove it! Make them hang from the ceilings and make it look like it’s raining with flowers. All you have to do is instruct the flower decorator to make a bunch of flowers and dangle them up or you can even go for lush green garlands in order to increase the freshness of your venue.

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Also Read:- Affordable Indian Wedding Decoration Ideas For Your Perfect Wedding

Quirky Quotes As Milestones

Well, believe it or not, but the 21st century is all about hashtags and quirky quotes that somehow make sense. So why not add some of it to your wedding venue! Go for funny quotes and hang them around the venue for creative pictures. You can even go for a photo booth packed with some quotations or create signboards or milestones out of it. Sounds fun right!

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If you want to nail your theme of the Indian wedding decoration ideas, then pick a location that is naturally beautiful and then go for some color matching scheme with some subtle elements.

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