Best Royal Wedding Planners in Jaipur Embark a Royal Voyage

A princess dressed up in royal Rajputana Wedding dress,  full of rich colors, waiting for the Royal Prince in her sovereign, decorated with royal ambiance and vibrant traditional hangings. Exotic and grand view of Golden dessert and heritage city from the window of the palace, Traditional music vibrating in the background, surround fragrance of mouthwatering  Rajasthani cuisine.

Here comes the prince, with all his grand imperial presence with decorated camels and elephants. visualizing the moment right?? This is a grand moment of wedding planners in Jaipur. Every couple ever dreams of grand, royal and fairytale wedding like this and Jaipur is the place where you can make all your wedding dreams comes true.

Wedding planners in Jaipur

Wedding Planners in Jaipur : Embark a Royal Voyage

JAIPUR: The Ultimate Royalty

Jaipur is one of an ideal and most favorite destination for destination wedding lovers. Enrich with great Rajputana culture and splendid architectures of heritage monuments. Jaipur is also known as ‘Pink City’ because of the prominent pink color visible all over the city.

Jaipur city is most visited by numerous travelers all over the world. Jaipur has a blended culture of Mughal and Rajputana, this is the reason the city has numerous magnificent historical monuments, and it attracts many tourists every year.

Jaipur has everything from heritage monuments to luxurious hotels, mouthwatering rich cuisine, lively music, art, colorful decoration, which makes every simple wedding into a  royal wedding. Jaipur is one of the favorites wedding destination in India.

Wedding Planners in Jaipur : Embark a Royal Voyage


Jaipur is a magical land for a Royal destination wedding, But if you are thinking how easy to get connect with the heritage city and what are the options to reach there for destination wedding then we guide you that Royal city Jaipur is approximately 250 km away from Delhi and because it is the capital of Rajasthan it’s very easy to connect with the city from all means of transport.


Jaipur is very well connected by air routes. Jaipur airport is located at Sanganer which is 12 km away from the heart of the city. It has both domestic and international terminal and is well connected to most of the cities.


People who want to travel by road to Jaipur and enjoy the road ride of their destination wedding in Jaipur they can easily get in touch with the royal city by NH 8, NH11 and NH 12. Take a smooth drive with all your dear and near ones and all the Batatis to the Royal ambiance of Jaipur City.


Journey by train is the comfortable way to reach to the Pink City. You can make it luxurious travel by choosing luxurious train palace on the wheel the royal train start from Delhi to Jaipur and make your wedding an unforgettable experience for a lifetime. Jaipur is very well connected from all major railway stations of the country.

Wedding Planners in Jaipur


Jaipur is not only known for Royal culture but this city is also a home to the people known for great hospitality and kind nature. People at Jaipur believes in ‘Atithi Devo bhav’, and Jaipur welcome their guest with the immense feeling of ‘Padharo Marey Desh’, If you are planning to plan a destination wedding in Jaipur then you don’t worry about the accommodation for your guest here.

Jaipur offers various kind of accommodation like Royal palaces, heritage Hawelis, luxurious hotels and resorts, Banquet halls,  wedding lawns, and budget hotels. All you need to plan appropriately to successfully drive your wedding plans. An expert wedding planner guide you to select a suitable venue for your dream choice, also they cater all your wishes and dreams and make every single effort to fulfill them.

From picking your guest from the Airport, welcoming them warmly and accommodate them comfortably. Wedding planner plan in detail to get a hassle-free destination wedding in Jaipur providing guest a local guide so that the guest can indulge in Royalty of Jaipur.

Options for comfortable and luxurious transportation available in Jaipur :

Vintage Buses, Coaches, Iconic Red Buses-  INR 1000 Rs per person

Charter Helicopters, Hot air balloons, and vintage cars – INR 60,000 Per Hour


Jaipur is known for tempting Rajasthani food Dal- baati, churma, kersangri, mawa kachori, firni, besan ke gatte, Ghewar, and other finest delicacies. The royalty of Jaipur city is reflected in its cuisine. Rajasthani thali is world famous, the food prepared in Desi Ghee with lots of warm love.

The city offers a wide variety and multi-cuisine also prepared by expert chefs. People from all world come here to taste authentic Rajasthani food. Give your destination wedding a new flavor which never fades from your memory.  

Wedding Planners in Jaipur


A culture of Jaipur is so vibrant and colorful, it fascinates all the guest who comes here. People of Jaipur are known for warm hospitality all over the world. Destination wedding in Jaipur gives you an unforgettable experience for whole life, celebrate your destination wedding like a grand event or festival in Jaipur. As every couple want a unique and hatke wedding, Jaipur offers a lot of services like-

Colorful heritage Decor

The liveliness of the people of city Jaipur reflects in their colorful decor, Bandhni curtains, and drapes, vibrant colors, decorated heritage artworks, wooden pieces, crafted artworks, centerpieces, royal paintings what else you need for a unique destination wedding.   

Folk dance and Music-

The celebrated folk Dance Ghoomar is performed by local artist wearing colorful traditional dresses. The divine folk music by artist and their colorful dresses flaunted on that music shows the real cultural heritage of Jaipur.

 Wedding Planners in Jaipur

Artwork of Jaipur

The Jaipur city abundant talent, artworks like handicrafts, Bandhni, Sanganeri Print, Block print, Gota work, Kinari and Zardozi work, Kundan jewelry, silver jewelry, meenakari work, woodwork, ivory sculptures, stone carvings, you do not need to buy anything from outside and carry for your destination wedding, wedding couple can do shopping here in Jaipur and get all the royal and unique heritage items for their grand wedding Panners in Jaipur.  

Puppet shows

Handmade colorful puppets which tell regional and interesting stories. Puppets shows can be arranged for a wedding event, to entertain guests.

Camel and Elephant rides

Jaipur is an ideal and perfect location for a dream destination wedding, Jaipur has everything which makes a wedding lavish and memorizing moment for whole life for a wedding couple. Jaipur offers unique and heritage wedding venue options for a destination wedding. check the venue options at Jaipur in our next post on

Wedding Planners in Jaipur

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