Bengali Wedding

Bengali Wedding Rituals : 11 Unique Bengali Wedding Rituals

Bengali Wedding Rituals:- India is a country consisting of a thousand rituals and customs of different communities that thrive here. Popularly called as the ‘Biye’, a Bengali Hindu wedding is one of those multi-cultural community that lingers it’s amazing traditions when it comes to wedding, rituals and customs. Weddings in India are not just an affair between the bride and the groom but also their families and relatives, all to enjoy the big fat Indian wedding

Bengali Wedding Rituals

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The Alluring Practice Of A Bengali Wedding 

Bengali wedding rituals consist of a host of deep and meaningful rituals that have been followed since time and again and celebrated in a really colorfully elegant and immensely creative decorations. Bengali wedding rituals are all about camaraderie and beauty celebrated for a period of 2-3 days from morning till night. These rituals are generally followed by the Bengali Hindus; originated from the modern day in Bangladesh and the Ghotis; the ones originating in West Bengal. 

Bengali Wedding Rituals

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The Pre-wedding Wedding Rituals in The Bengali Wedding 

The glitters in a wedding is filled with contentment, joy and happiness of the love you have for other people. Indian weddings are all about the celebrating love, care and respect for each other. The following are the rituals celebrating in a Bengali wedding

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  1. Bor Jatri: Popularly called as the ‘baarat’, this is basically when the groom with his friends and family dress up for the procession and start their journey to the bride’s house or the wedding venue. This is the start of the Bengali wedding rituals.

    Bengali Wedding Baraat

    Indian Wedding – Bengali Wedding Baraat

  2. Bor Boron: When the ‘baarat’ or the ‘Bor Jatri’ reaches the bride’s place. The mother of the bride along with the other family members welcome the groom and his family by doing an aarti with a holy lamp.Bengali Wedding Ritual - Bor Boron
  3. Potto Bastra: The groom is then seated at the ‘chadnatolla’ or the mandap where he is offered clothes by the most elderly male member of the family of the bride. This is done by the member who does the sampradaan.Bengali Wedding Ritual - Potto Bastra
  4. Saat Paak: The next bengali hindu wedding ritual is when the bride sits on the low wooden stool called ‘pidi’ and then the stool is lifted by her brothers and is taken around the groom in seven circles. The bride covers her face with leaves while this is going on. The seven circles are all about the bride and the groom spending all eternity together.                                                                                                                                                                 Saat Paak       
  5. Subho Drishti: The bride and the groom face each other in front of their entire family.Shubho Dristhi
  6. Mala Badal: While the bride is sitting on the pidi’, then bride and groom held by his friends and brothers exchange the garlands of flowers three times. This is the first act of accepting each other as man and wife.

    Mala Badal

    Best of Bengali Wedding Ritual

  7. Sampradan: This is the ritual when the father or any other elderly man from the bride’s family gives her hand to the groom when both their hands are tied by the sacred thread while the Vedic chants are being enchanted.
    Sampradan Ritual

    Bengali Hindu Wedding Ritual


  8. Yagna: This is when the bride and the groom sit together in front of the sacred fire and chant mantras in front of the priest. Bengali Wedding Ritual
  9. Saptapadi: The bride and the groom take seven rounds around the fire or the yagna in order to make their marriage, a legal one in front of the Hindu gods. Saptapadi Wedding Ritual
  10. Anjali: An offering of puffed rice is made into the yagna. The brother of the bride gives puffed rice into the bride’s hands and the groom holds her hand from behind.Anjali
  11. Sindoor Daan: The groom applies sacred ‘sindoor’ to the bride’s forehead, and is when the marriage is confirmed in front of the gods.Sindhoor Ritual


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