Auli to witness the conspicuous weddings of the South Africa based Gupta Family

The marvels and picturesque beauty of Auli is impressive enough, something that all the tourists will agree with. Auli is one of the snow-capped locations that are thrilled with the beauty of the apple orchids along with the natural charm and beauty of the pine trees, something that is wonderful for numerous trekking in the hilly regions of the Garhwal Himalayas.

The snow-draped mountain and the spectacular beauty of Auli is something that is worth an eye-candy for everyone who visits the place. Maybe this is the reason why the ski resort situated in Chamoli district of the Garhwal Himalayas has been chosen as the host for the most high-profile wedding of the era, the sons of South Africa based Gupta family.

AULI: The beautiful location for Wedding –

Auli to witness the conspicuous weddings of the South Africa based Gupta Family

The NRI businessmen, Ajay Gupta, and Atul Gupta have picked up the alluring location of Auli for the prominent wedding of their two sons, approximated to be worth 200 crores. Ajay Gupta’s son Suryakant is going to get married somewhere in between 18-20th June while Atul Gupta’s son Shashank is going to enter the holy matrimony on June 20-22nd.

Auli The beautiful location for Wedding

The high-end wedding saw Auli be white beauty and epitome of gorgeous mountain ranges to be fit as the venue of the wedding. The long festivities resulted in all the resorts and hotels jam-packed with bookings for all the guests of the Gupta Family. Helicopters have been booked to ferry guests to their stay location, a pool that includes politicians, businessmen, world leaders and Bollywood stars amongst the few dignitaries.

The Gupta brothers have been so much limelight owing to their good relationship with the South African President, Jacob Zuma. They captured headlines recently after an IT raid was conducted at their residences by the Income Tax Department in alleged money laundering and fraudulently in collecting properties in Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and NCR. They even lay the prospect of gold plating the sanctum sanctorum of the Badrinath Temple in front of the temple committee, one which was humbly declined by the members of the Temple Committee.

Auli to host high-profile weddings –

destination wedding Auli

According to a source, the CM of Uttarakhand, Trivendra Rawat is taking a keen interest in the boastful wedding of the Gupta sons in Auli, which lead to the location being marketed as a prominent wedding destination in the country. It has always been reported that the Gupta brothers discussed the same with the CM of Uttarakhand Trivendra Rawat stating that they will be aiding in the promotion of Auli as a top-class wedding destination. After the discussion, the wedding venue was shifted from Italy to Auli where the prominent wedding extravaganza was going to take place.

Gupta brothers wedding auli

The event management company has already taken their roll in Auli and have commenced with the wedding preparations and the saga will take place in a ski resort that is being elaboratively decorated and brightened for the special day of the Gupta sons. Not only this, but arrangements are being made for hosting a program and dinner for the locals of Auli on June 16-17th as well.

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