7 Tips For A Bride To Maintain The Post Wedding Glow

Post Wedding Glow Tips:- Since the day of announcement of the wedding, every girl and I speak on behalf of every girl who has got married, the only thing we worry about is we need to get into a fit shape for the wedding and pamper our skin to the fullest potential. However, one thing which is true is that amidst all the wedding madness and stress, maintaining that perfect glow seems to be like a daunting task.

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But the staunch reality is, you cannot afford to look less than a princess while you are about to get married and step to the stage when a thousand eyes are over you. We get that totally. We understand it is normal to stress out, but since we care about you a lot, we are going to help you out with the amazing tips that will let you maintain the post-wedding glow. Just smile and chill!

Go Easy With Makeup

Your face is layered with many tones and shades before your wedding. After such a tedious make-up session you will like to give your skin a makeup-free look for some time. You will want to give your skin some time to breathe and enjoy the fresh air. However, your in-laws will want you to dress up like a newlywed bride for the family.

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So, the trick over here is to go easy on the makeup. Go for a founder with some regular moisturizer, decked with compact powder with cherry lips and there you go. These are going to be your lifesavers, trust me!

Your Beauty Sleep Is The Key

It is difficult to get your beauty sleep when you are facing their parade of customs and traditions going on and on. But one thing that will help you in keeping your bridal glow is your beauty sleep. So, have the princess sleep you need and tell you, man, to handle the things on his own for that time.

Water, Water And Water

Since you are required to sip in liquids with a straw, and your guests are one on one galloping to the stage for photos, hydration tends to get missed. Drink more of water, coconut water, detox water, and herbal teas through the wedding extravaganza and glow like the sun the next day.

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Wear Sunscreen

You will be visiting a lot of guests and going in and out of the sun is going to be a frequent thing for you. So, keep your skin saved from the atrocities of the sun and wear sunscreen daily.

Good Amount Micronutrients In Your Diet

With so many make-up things going on your skin, acne is quite prominent. If you want to save your skin from all kinds of acne, indulge with foods like strawberries, papayas, celery, carrots and cucumbers in your diet. I’m sure that your in-laws are going to love you for your good and healthy habits and you will not have to compromise with your face.

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A Good Skincare Regime For Your Skin

A new bride has to have some glow and charm in ways to make your skin feel relished and amazing. You are going to earn a lot of compliments for being the new girl in the house. Go with the cleansing, toning, and moisturizing of the skin and you will carry the charm of being a new bride. Being a new bride is not easy so make sure that you be the best version of yourself.

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