7 Quirky Ideas for a Friendly Pre-Wedding Photoshoot with Your Bridesmaids

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot With Your Bridesmaids:-Your friends are a big deal for you. She’s been there for you through the thick and thin of your life, handling your dripping tears in times of your breakup, holding onto you when you got duper drunk, heard all your bitching for your job and how much you hate your job. So, doesn’t she deserve a deal when you’re about to get hitched?

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Best friends are very special and you need to make them feel indulged in your wedding extravaganza as well. She’s been there your entire life, so let’s get a fabulous pre-wedding photoshoot with your bridesmaids and don’t make them feel left out just because you have a dude for a lifetime. Your best friends place cannot be taken by the man of your life.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot

We thought of helping our worthy readers, with some funny and cute pre-wedding photoshoot with your bridesmaids that you and your friends can cherish for a lifetime. So, if you’re planning on a bachelorette party or a vacation, then this is one great chance to create memories everlasting. If you also have a horde of melodramatic and adventurous girlfriends then we have the best bridesmaids’ portrait for you.

pre wedding photoshoot with bridesmaids

#01 A Movie Poster Themed Shoot

So, you have some badass girls with you and you’re gonna be a bride. So why not make the groom aware that he is in deep trouble if he hurts the best friend. Get this Rockstar movie-themed photoshoot with you dressed as the bride and your bridesmaids all gagged up for the event.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Pre Wedding Shoot Poses

#02 Let Them Know You’re The Bride

Why not go for an outdoor location where you have some bacon and good decorations alongside and your friends holding the bride to be the tag that so you desperately like! Isn’t the idea great?

Brides maid photoshoot

funny bridesmaid pictures

funny bridesmaid pictures

#03 Let’s Get Ganged Up With Some Props

If you want an outdoor setting and you wish to keep it really simple but elegant, then why not get matching clothes for your bridesmaids holding some cute props and you standing on top cheering for the milestone you’re about to achieve.

pre wedding photoshoot with bridesmaids

pre wedding photoshoot with bridesmaids

#04 Let’s Hold The Placards

Like they do for prisoners, but here the prison is one guy that too for a lifetime. Go with some swag along with matching dresses and you holding funny placards, warning him for the suicide he is about to attempt.

pre wedding photoshoot with bridesmaids

#05 Go With A Greek Goddess Theme

You always wanted to twirl in your enormous gown and your bridesmaids holding the good bouquets for you. Sounds perfect right! Try this amazing idea and I’m sure you will keep up with the look and style.

Greek Goddess Theme

#06 The White Coordinated Theme

Go with some good funny bridesmaid pictures poses in a candid moment with your girlfriends, just like college days. This carefree portrait is one thing you will remember till death do part!

Candid Wedding Photography

Pre Wedding Photography

#07 The Poolside Photography Ideas

A catchy surrounding for all the brides and their bridesmaids, this is one thing that will complement that your photo is the blue water charm. This cool idea is a great one for the brides’ tribe.

Amazing Pre Wedding Shoot Poses

Pre Wedding Shoot Poses

Share your ideas about a pre-wedding photoshoot with your bridesmaids in the comment section & let me know what you think about it?

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